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“In a world deluged by irrelevant information, clarity is power.”

~ Yuval Noah Harari


Inside Tips are little nuggets of knowledge, everything from how to get employees to be more accountable to why you should always sell quality. These short videos are updated regularly with worthwhile bite-sized ideas you can implement right away.

“I love helping people. I love seeing my clients prosper, and live better lives.”

The Right Way Is Not The Cheap Way

There is a right way to do something, and then there’s the cheap way. Sadly, the right way is not the cheap way. It’s your choice what you do, but you will rarely be disappointed by buying quality.


Just Do It


How To Make Money


The Fraud Triangle


A Better Mission Statement

Most company mission statements offer bland platitudes about ‘putting the customer first’, and other lame intentions. Worse still, some companies focus on trying to make money for the investors. Here’s my better mission statement.



In sales, trust trumps price all day long. The best way to build the trust is to be a decent human being.



If you sell quality, people will always find you. If you sell on price, you’re only hot, until somebody beats your price. Being choosy about who do you do business with is not a bad thing.



Most successful people have daily written to do list, quarterly goals, 1 year plan, 3-year picture and 10-year target. Why? Because it has the power to pull the business along.



Outcome vs Process goals Outcome goals-what you want to achieve. Process goals – how you are going to achieve your outcome goals.


Active Listening

If you want to be a good leader or a coach – learn how to listen. It is valuable in your personal life as well as in your professional life. Inside Track business coaching – Get there faster!


Hope Try

My two least favourite words: hope and try. They are evil twin sisters, they stifle through effort, excuse our failures, and celebrate mediocrity. In this tip, learn how to address employee that tells you they will “try” to do the job, or they “hope” they will finish it on time… Those words are excuse for failures and avoidance of responsibility.


Hiring Tips

A little tip from an hr professional that will reveal things that potential employee may not want to share. How? Once you utter the words: “The official part of the interview is now over”, they will relax, let down their guard, and you might learn things you didn’t know.


Treat Your Employees Like Children

It occurred to me that employees are a lot like children, and if you are a good parent, you are probably a good employer. “Leadership is not about being in charge. It’s about taking care of those in your charge.”


Inside Tips 6s & 9s

In today’s Inside Tips, I talk about a technique used to improve your workforce. It’s called Sixes and Nines and here’s how it works: Think about all your stuff individually and rate them out of 10. The catch is that you can only rate them 6 or 9. If they are 6, can they be rehabilitated to 9? If not, you should let them go.



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