“… my whole perspective on business and entrepreneurship changed”

~ Zuberi Attard, FundQi

Studies over the last ten years report the following return on investment (ROI) from coaching:

Companies that offer training alone experience 22.4% increase in productivity, but when combined with coaching that figure rises to 88%. Gerald Olivero, Denise Bane & Richard Kopelman, Public Personnel Management.

A conservative estimate of the monetary payoff from coaching, according to Fortune magazine, is that managers describe an average return of more than six times the cost of coaching.

What People Are Saying…

Lyle Brooks, founder of Men4More, talks about Jim Cummings, Business Coach.

I can’t say enough good things about Jim and his coaching…”


Nasr Nasr, founder of Juice Dudez, talks about Jim Cummings, Business Coach.

“I learn years worth of experiences every time I speak with Jim…”

Zuberi Attard, founder of FundQi, talks about Jim Cummings, Business Coach.

“I realized that what I want is free time to build the life I want…”

[Jim asked Amanda to write a review, and it’s taken 4 months]

“…not because he didn’t deserve it, but because I couldn’t believe in myself enough to write it. How could I? The thought of expressing my thoughts, beliefs, and ideas to the public was terrifying. I mean who cares what I think??

Well, Jim cared. Since day one, he not only believed in me as a person but helped me believe in myself, my business goals, values, and ideas no matter how out-of-this-world they were. He is genuine, thoughtful, willing to challenge by asking the tough questions all while being a mentor like no other.

So, Jim and Inside Track these 5 stars are for you!” Amanda Peterson, Visionary, Designed XP Inc.


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