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WARNING – Listening to The Business Tune-up podcast with Candice and Jim can seriously damage your ignorance.

“I love helping people. I love seeing my clients prosper, and live better lives.”

You Are Not Alone – Problems every business owner faces, and what to do about them

No business runs so smoothly that it never encounters problems, and it’s usually the person at the top who has to deal with them. In this episode, Candice and Jim discuss the most common issues we all face as business-owners, and offer some ideas on what to do about them.


Get to Know Candice & Jim – 5 Burning Questions

Without rehearsal or script, Candice and Jim ask each other 5 burning questions that illuminate who they are, and where they stand on many business and personal issues.


How to Get Organized, Stay Focussed and Be More Productive

In today’s intensely complex and distracted world, it’s sometimes difficult to imagine how to get anything done. In this episode, Candice and Jim discuss ways you can get organized, stay focussed, and be more productive. Enjoy.


LinkedIn as a Marketing Tool

Hugo Berger is one of Canada’s leading authorities on LinkedIn. According to him, most people are using LinkedIn all wrong. In this episode, Hugo joins Candice and Jim as they explore ways you can improve your performance on LinkedIn, and make it a tool to build your business.


The Business Year in Review – Looking back on 2021

Candice and Jim take a look back on the events of 2021, discussing the good, the bad and the ugly of the year that was 2021.


Business Law – What Every Business Owner Needs to Know

In this episode Candice and Jim host prominent business lawyer Robert Nadeau who outlines some key legal issues for every business owner to consider.


Negotiation – How to Make Better Outcomes for Everybody

You don’t get what you deserve in life, you get what you negotiate. In this episode, Candice and Jim explore an activity that we all engage in almost every day, yet few of us know how to do it right – how to successfully negotiate.


Everybody’s In Sales – 5 things you can do to improve your company’s sales performance

In this episode, Candice and Jim host Bill Lauf, an accomplished trainer to discuss sales techniques that you can implement right away.


Digital Marketing for Today’s Business

In this episode, Candice and Jim host Stacey Hull, a digital marketing specialist with Reach Local. You’ll learn the basics of online digital marketing, and some pretty cool pro tips as well.


Financing your business

Leverage, or using other people’s money is a long-standing, venerable way to grow your business. But borrowing money can be complicated and frightening for some. In this episode Candice and Jim introduce Kevin Johnson from the Business Development Bank of Canada who takes us through the ins and outs of business financing.


Communication in Business

Few things in business are more important than the way we communicate. Effective communication reduces internal friction, and fosters a healthy culture. In this episode, Candice and Jim discuss the varied ways we communicate, and the best methods to get our ideas across.


Goal-setting That Works

A goal without a plan is just a dream. Dreams are fine for fairy tales, but in business that’s not enough. What you need are clear goals with a solid plan on how to achieve them. In this episode Candice and Jim dive into how effective goal-setting works, and provide you with strategies for achieving what you want.


Effective Leadership

Some people are born leaders. Others have to learn to be better leaders. For your business to grow, you must necessarily be a good leader. In this episode Candice and Jim explore the attributes that are common to all great leaders, and provide techniques you can use to develop your leadership skills.


Navigating Fear

Fear is a normal human emotion. It’s there to keep us safe. But in business, fear can hold us back, and be a barrier to growth and prosperity. In this episode, Candice and Jim discuss the most common types of fear that business-owners experience, and provide some strategies to overcome them. Find your spark!


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