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The 3 pillars of Inside Track Business Coaching:

Systems & Processes

The stuff that establishes consistency in your business.

Finance, marketing & sales, operations/production, and human resources, all need processes to make your company operate more efficiently, and more profitably.


Get ‘er done.

We make sure you say what you are going to do, then do what you said you would do. We hold your feet to the fire (in a nice way!) so that you stay on track – the Inside Track!


The ability to see things you do not see.

You gain our perspective honed from years of real-life business experience.

Unlike some other coaches, we don’t push canned training videos or binders.

“I swore I’d never work with another business coach. I don’t want to spend $5K to watch videos I could find on YouTube”

– Darlene Moore, CEO Drive Traffic


What Exactly Is a Business Coach, You Ask?

Your Business’ New Best Friend

Running a business can be a solitary, daunting task, and many entrepreneurs lament not having enough support. This is where a business coach can help. Every business is different, and you can’t get perspective, personalized advice and a customized strategy plan from a self-help book or Google. Coaching is a relationship – a flexible partnership that inspires you to be a better business person, and to do great things.

If you’re prepared to learn, willing to invest in yourself, and would like to see your business grow, then Inside Track Business Coaching may be your next step.

“Every famous athlete, every famous performer, has someone who is a coach…one thing people are never good at is seeing themselves as others see them. A coach really, really helps.” ~ Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt

Meet Your Coach

Jim Cummings

Jim has founded multiple businesses in a variety of industries over the past 30 years, and as an early-stage investor he has helped guide the progress of many more.


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