How It Works

“Coaching could be the best investment you make in your company… and in yourself”.

~ Jim Cummings

When it comes to coaching most business owners think two things:

I’m too busy for a coach <
I can’t afford a coach <

The truth is, once you realize it’s just as important to work ON your business as IN your business, you’re ready for a coach.

The cost of coaching will come back to you multiple times over in business growth, so it might just be the best business investment you ever make.

How It Works

We design individualized coaching programs specifically for you and your company.
Each company is different, so we put together a program that’s right for you and at the right time for your company.

Choose your pace:

  • You can meet with your coach once a month, twice a month, or 4 times a month, depending on how quickly you want to grow. Each meeting is 1 hour.  
  • Constant connection
    • Open access via texts, phone calls, emails between meetings. When something comes up and you ask “What would Coach say about this?” you can always reach out. We want our clients to know we are there for them.  
  • No term contract to sign
    • Our coaching programs are month-to-month, with a 30 day cancellation. There’s no obligation, and if we are not bringing value, you can end the agreement anytime.

The Cost of Coaching

We have made our programs affordable so that even small business owners can benefit. The key thing to remember is that the money you spend will come back to you many times over in increased profits. Coaching could be the best investment you make in your company.


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